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Colleen Mauro demonstrates one of the advantages of having decades of experience in spiritual journalism, with the seemingly effortless ease by which she presents thousands of years of spiritual wisdom. Mauro's new book, Spiritual Telepathy, is a page-turner packed with a very comprehensive collection of essentials for living a spiritual life.


Mauro takes us on a journey through esoteric mystical wisdom teachings from the east and the west, which she shares in the gentle voice of a wise tour guide. Interviews with spiritual teachers and their insights and practices are interspersed in such a way that it provides a real sense of how it feels, for example, to undertake the daily discipline of watching one's thoughts. Mauro provides many of her own experiences, too, in ways that indicate she truly is walking her spiritual development talk.  

Some of my favorite sections of Spiritual Telepathy have to do with meditation practices we can utilize to redirect energy from lower to higher centers through right thought, speech, and action by "standing in their shoes" any time we feel the urge to direct negative energies toward others. I also love Mauro's practice of nightly review, which when done every day provides incentive to avoid gossip, and practice inner tranquility all day long. Spiritual Telepathy is a book that provides seekers of all paths with great insights, direction, and validation, as well as with marvelous meditations and energy practices by which they can join together with increasing numbers of like-minded others. Spiritual Telepathy can help you find the "sweet spot" on your personal journey where your unique gifts and passion come together with the needs of the world. Highly recommended!

                           Cynthia Sue Larson

New Consciousness Reader

Too bad I didn’t find a book as well-written and well-researched—not to mention easy to read and understand—as this one when I began my own spiritual explorations in earnest many decades ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy trying to wade through many obscure and densely written tomes that left me frustrated and confused.


Author Colleen Mauro has done that for her readers and presents us with an astonishing array of cultures and religious traditions around the world that basically say the same thing about the points she makes in her book of slightly more than 200 pages.


Her main goal in writing this book is to help us connect with our own souls and become bridges between the physical and spiritual worlds. Throughout the ages and in cultures all around earth, many masters have taught and written about that divide and how to reach across it. The author distills their teachings and guidance into multiple, helpful meditations designed to awaken each of us to our own souls and what that connection can teach us and help us become.               

I can’t argue with Mauro when she envisions a much better world when all of us freely access our spiritual wisdom that draws on the collective consciousness, otherwise known as God/Yahweh/The Great Spirit (pick your favorite label). And I certainly agree that what we regard as genius is simply the result of contact with the subtle worlds. Every breakthrough I have made in my own life is the result of such contact.


Those who read this book in order to access their soul’s wisdom and the wisdom of the invisible masters would do well to also read two other books. The first is Your Psychic Potential: A Guide to Psychic Development by Richard Ireland. Like Mauro, he also does a great job of putting a spiritual context around the ability to receive spiritual insights and inspiration. The second book is You Are Psychic! The Free Soul Method by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. This is a very practical tutorial in accessing the four channels of spiritual information. Together, these three books provide a varied and solid foundation for personal growth and spiritual exploration.           

 Candace L. Talmadge, 

 New Age Journal 

Spiritual Telepathy by Colleen Mauro is a book that genuinely resonates with me. It takes a truly comprehensive global and historical look at how to utilize ancient mental and spiritual practices and techniques to access the higher powers of the human mind, heart and soul. From ancient wisdom teachings to modern scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, this book takes what is often presented in complex and difficult to comprehend terms, concepts, definitions, and beliefs and breaks it all down into easy to follow and understand language and explanation. 


When I see some of the names lending powerful words of support for this book, like former Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Texas physician Dr. Larry Dossey, I know that I’m in good company.

The author offers us a thoughtfully prepared and detailed plan on how we can evolve from our lower mind, physical-based perceptions and awareness, to a higher and more evolved mindset that can perceive and interact with subtle realms of spirit that can provide us a much greater range of information and intuition. “A new level of awareness becomes possible as our focus shifts from the physical to the subtle planes,” Mauro writes. “We find our place within the greater whole and experience the oneness of all life. We move from the personal to the universal, from ‘me’ to ‘we.’

                                                  Brent Raynes, 

 Alternative Perceptions Magazine

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